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unten findet ihr einen Aufruf zu einer Umfrage von Kollegen aus Brasilien.

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  Von: Otavio Carneiro <noreply at limesurvey.org>
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ReplyTo: Otavio Carneiro <limesurvey at carneiro.blog.br>
Betreff: Survey about hackerspaces
Datum: 2017-09-24 17:20:19

Dear member of Krautspace,

you have been invited to participate in a survey with 8 questions that should
take less than 5 minutes to respond.

My name is Otávio Carneiro and I'm a member of Calango Hacker Clube
([1]http://www.calango.club), a hackerspace in Brasília/DF (Brazil). This
survey is part of my research to better understand hackerspaces all over the

The name of this survey is Knowledge creation in hackerspaces.

This survey aims to identify knowledge creation conditions within
hackerspaces. We are trying to verify if hackerspaces provide the proper
conditions for knowledge to be created and transfered among participants.

To participate, please click on the link below.


Otavio Carneiro (limesurvey at carneiro.blog.br)

Click here to do the survey:

If you do not want to participate in this survey and don't want to receive any
more invitations please click the following link:

If you are blacklisted but want to participate in this survey and want to
receive invitations please click the following link:
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[1] http://www.calango.club
[2] https://hackerspaces.limequery.org/859519?token=NbOb4AEPL90L4mq&lang=en
[3] https://hackerspaces.limequery.org/optout/tokens/859519?langcode=en&token=NbOb4AEPL90L4mq
[4] https://hackerspaces.limequery.org/optin/tokens/859519?langcode=en&token=NbOb4AEPL90L4mq
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